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Ambulance 911
Fire 419-832-2424
Wood County Courthouse 866-860-4140
Wood County Sheriff 419-832-2165
Grand Rapids Area Swimming Pool 419-832-0306
Grand Rapids Arts Council 419-832-2787
Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce 419-832-1106
Grand Rapids Historical Society 419-832-0213
Grand Rapids Library 419-832-5231
Grand Rapids Post Office 419-832-5002
Grand Rapids Water & Sewer Department 419-832-5305
Grand Rapids Youth Baseball 419-832-4630
Central Collection Agency (Income Tax)
    Local Contact (Chad Hoffman)
Suburban Natural Gas 888-655-2345
Frontier 877-462-8188
Toledo Edison 800-447-3333
Time Warner 800-934-4181
Otsego Local School District
Central Office (Dial - 1)
High School (Dial - 2)
Middle School (Dial - 3)
Grand Rapids Elementary 419-832-4765
Haskins Elementary 419-823-1591
Otsego Food Pantry 419-832-4214
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