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Alva N. Sidle 
American Legion Post 232
Alva N. Sidle 
American Legion Auxiliary
Beaver Creek Boosters 4-H Boy Scouts
Community Improvement Corporation Cub Scouts
Friends of the Library Girl Scouts
Grand Rapids Arts Council Grand Rapids Area 
Swimming Pool
  Historical Society of 
Grand Rapids, Ohio
Masonic Lodge Youth Baseball
Providence Grange 2572 Rapids Bits & Pieces 4-H


Bethany Baptist Church
14070 Bailey Road
Pastor Timothy Coley
(419) 832-2221
Calvary United Methodist Church
24326 W. Third Street
Rev. Mark Montgomery
(419) 832-4305
First Presbyterian Church
17700 Beaver Street

(419) 832-2325
Hosanna Lutheran Church
23019 Kellogg Road

(419) 832-1041

St. Patrick Catholic Church
14010 US RT 24
Father David Tscherne
(419) 832-5215

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17679 Woodburn Avenue
Pastor Scott Hergert 
Faith Community Church
ST RT 24


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Grand Rapids Arts Council

The Grand Rapids Arts Council is a community-based, 
non-profit organization for the promotion of the arts 
in the Village of Grand Rapids and beyond. 

Please visit us at 
to learn about our events, classes and membership.

Historical Society of Grand Rapids, Ohio

Bluebell Island.jpg (15441 bytes)

Bluebell Island

The Historical Society of Grand Rapids, Ohio, was founded in 1976 for the restoration, preservation and interpretation of the historical heritage of the area.  The project was the restoration of the Town Hall Auditorium, where the Society sponsors the summer Musical.  Other projects are six historical markers, winter programs on local history, summer concerts in the Timberframe Pavilion, the Log Cabin information center, Bluebell Island, Lincoln Street, Tow Path markers and the Town Hall Centennial Celebration.

The Society uses its proceeds from the annual Applebutter Fest for its many projects in the Community, including the sponsoring of the Rhythm on the River Concert Series.  Local non-profit organizations raise money for their own projects by providing food services for the Fest visitors.

The Historical Society launched an online version of the 43522 Community News, click the link to see the current version.

Click here to visit the Historical Society's Web page.




St. Patrick Catholic Church

St. Patrick Catholic Church on U.S. 24 at Providence- Neapolis-Swanton Rd. 
west of Grand Rapids was built in 1845 to minister to the Irish digging the Miami & Erie Canal.  
It is the oldest church in the Diocese of Toledo.  Priests began serving the area as early as 1835 
when the now extinct Village of Providence was platted.




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