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Grand Rapids is a popular destination for biking groups who like winding, rolling 
State Route 65 as it hugs the river east of the village.  
Bring your bikes and enjoy bucolic country roads.  
Food and refreshments are available at the end of your ride!


Boating / Skiing

On the twelve miles of navigable water above the dam, boats of all kinds can be seen.  
Water skiing and jet skiing is prevalent during the warm weather months.  
A public launch is available at Mary Jane Thurston State Park marina 
and at Gilead Side-cut Canal in the Village.   
There is also a pay launch at Lally's Marine, a short drive west of the park.


Otsego Canoe Livery

Open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day **
Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

All trips depart from the Otsego Canoe Livery.  
First-come first-served. 
Large groups may reserve 6 or more canoes by contacting Park District Headquarters. 
Youth groups call for special discounts. 

For more information, contact the Wood County Park District at:
phone:  (419) 353-1897

**  All trips dependent on weather & river conditions.



Good fishing can be had between the dam and the bridges.  
The walleye begin to run in late March followed by other varieties of fish.  
Anglers can reel for crappies, white bass, catfish, carp, small mouth bass, rock bass, and sauger.


Hiking / Jogging Cross-Country Skiing

Miles of trails through area parks and along the old canal towpaths both north and south 
of the Maumee River provide refreshing scenery for those seeking an aerobic workout.  
Mile markers guide the way for walks of unparalleled peace and scenic beauty.  A one
mile portion of the Buckeye Trail passes through Grand Rapids and
Mary Jane Thurstin Park



The Grand Rapids Community Swimming Pool is located at Bridge and Third Streets.  
The outdoor pool is near the library and Labino Park.

For more information 



Basketball, Tennis, Inline Roller Hockey - 
All purpose court at Labino park

Camping -
Available at Mary 
Jane Thurstin Park

Picnics -
Town Hall Park Playground - Installed 2005

Two shelters and a number of park areas are available.

Nature Walks

River Watching


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