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The Village of Grand Rapids requires ALL residents of the Village that are 18 years and older file an annual Village Income Tax Return whether there is tax due or not.  Our income tax is billed and collected through the Central Collection Agency  (CCA) in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Village Income Tax is 1%.  However, if you already pay a city tax through your place of employment, your tax rate would be .5%.  
Taxes are due by April 15.

Due to electronic filing becoming the preferred method used by taxpayers in filing their income tax returns and the fact that almost 70% of individuals are qualified to efile, starting with 2011 income tax year, CCA will no longer mail preprinted annual income tax forms and packets to taxpayers.  All CCA tax forms and instructions are available on CCA's website.  You can verify your estimated payments and available credits via the website.  And, they are working on an automated 24/7 phone application for payment/credit verifications.   

You can continue to request paper forms by contacting 
CCA's office at 1-800-223-6317.  

If you would like assistance filling out the forms, the Central Collection Agency will continue to send a representative  to the Village in April to help residents with the filing of their forms.   You are more than welcome to take advantage of this.  
Check back or watch the Sentinel Tribune for the dates and times.  

Additionally, the Village Income Tax Clerk is available to answer  any questions you may have throughout the year and can fill out your return for you.   Just bring your Tax Return and W-2's, and all related schedules to the Municipal Offices Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays from 9:00 - 3:00.

All people owing income tax are required to have 90% of the current year tax due, or 100% of the prior year tax due no later than 15 days before the end of your tax year in order to avoid penalty & interest charges being added to your account. This can be done by paying quarterly estimates. Contact our office if you have any questions.

To find out more information about how the Central Collection Agency works, the history of CCA, and a variety of other items, 
click on the CCA Logo  below.

To view the Village of Grand Rapids' Income Tax Rules & Regulations, click on the Rules & Regs button below.


      Central Collection Agency Home PageVillage of Grand Rapids' Rules & RegulationsCCA Tax Forms

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