Special Thanks

June Huffman for writing most of the text on our Village Walk.

Recollections Book


You can get copies of these publications by contacting:

Mr. Lowell Huffman
24516 Village Lane
Grand Rapids, OH  43522
(419) 832-8622

Grand Rapids Publications, by June Huffman

Recollections: Over a Century of Grand Rapids History
39 photos, 167 pages, enamel paper, laminated cover, $15,00 postpaid
Almost two centuries ago brave families with "settlin'" and prosperity on their minds, traders, surveyors and land speculators began new lives at the Head of the Rapids on the Maumee River.   On the frontier march were farmers with families to feed, merchants offering life's necessities, schoolmasters skilled to teach the rudiments of education, and missionaries who pinned their hopes on saving souls.   Beckoned by adventure and opportunity, their foot prints left lasting impressions on Grand Rapids.  Part I covers stories and photos about architecture and local personalities and their contributions to village life. Part II is a compilation of fires and floods and other choice news items culled from The Tri-County Bulletin 1897- 1915.   Part I I I lists Grand Rapids High School graduates from 1887 to 1968 when consolidation with the Otsego School District occurred. 
Shades of Providence: Over 175 years of Providence Township History
31 photos, 60 pages, laminated cover, $10 postpaid
Providence lies directly across the Maumee River from Grand Rapids. Shades speaks of the Historic District's biggest attraction, a 1.5 mile restored segment of the Miami and Erie Canal where a mule-drawn canal boat transports passengers through an original lock.   The Isaac Ludwig Mill, adjacent to the lock, is described from its 1800s beginnings to the present.  The water powered mill, a working lock, and a working canal boat, are believed to be the only such combination in the United States that still exists.   The text describes how the canal was dug, canal traffic at its zenith, and the canal's demise.  Canal lore and facts are also included.  Building the State Dam to impound water for the canal is discussed as is the Village of Providence and the fire and cholera that destroyed it.


Village Council Person Pam Sherwood  
for all of the time and effort she put into getting 
this Website project up and running and and Mark Sarkan (ICUgro)
for creating the original website.

 Karen and Dave Palka at Dandy's Lane  
for all of the pictures and slides 
of Historic Grand Rapids 
which were given to us for use on the Website.

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